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Spring-clean for your knives

Rust is no option

Birds are singing again and your knives will be glad about a spring-cleaning! We assembled a few basic tips for you - if there are any questions left unanswered just take...


Adam & Eve - Zunft-Linie Elegance

News from Paradise

This full integral with curved tang has an ivory handle that was handcrafted in multicolored scrimshaw technique - an elaborate unique ELEGANCE from our limited ZUNFT-LINIE...


Knife of the Year 2021

Double win for "Fixed Blade" and "Cooking Knife" categories

Our submissions to this year's Messermagazin Reader's Choice won in two categories: 1st place in "Fixed Blade"category for our AKTOR JAGD and 1st place in "Cooking Knife"...


Jack of all knives - our configurator

Your personal knife-design online

Here you see a comparison between the online-design of one of our customers (created with our knife-configurator) and the realization handcrafted in our workshop. Before...


Fresh from the kitchen

Japanese and European tradition fused

Our submission to this year's "Knife of the Year"-Award is a kitchen knife in European form. Its blade of powder-metallurgical Layered Damascus Steel (stainless) allows a...



Unique Damascus Pattern

This splendid dagger focuses on the artistic combination of its materials: Three different types of Damascus steel, each of which consist of two different steel types as...


The Online Knife Configurator

Your personal knife-design

In our workshop we design and handcraft unique knives - every day. And we would like you to participate in this wonderful creation process. So we developed an online knife...


Folded Knife Ramure Vario

Messermacher Kappeller presents: folding knife (ball bearing) in staghorn look

We proudly present our new limited series RAMURE VARIO. The special thing about these folding knives are the staghorn-look scales. 3D scan technology enabled an exact...


New flagshipstore in Vienna

Hello Vienna!

A few impressions from our new store in Vienna....   Messermacher Kappeller Wien Rauhensteingasse 5 1010 Wien 0676843529550   Opening...


Old handcraft - Hidden courtyards

Salzburg's handcrafters in the spotlight

On Friday 30th August 2019 from 2 - 8 p.m. knife-maker Messermacher Richard Kappeller's and goldsmith AkiDesign's workshops will be open for a special occasion: Salzburg's...


“Amenite” – A Graceful Way to Dine

Cutlery Set Receives Top Distinction in Red Dot Award

Messermacher Kappeller GmbH has been honoured by the Red Dot Award Product Design 2019 committee. The cutlery set "Amenite" received the Red Dot: Best of the Best, the top...


Knife of the Year 2019 - Kitchen Knife

Dramatic Damascus

This is the other of our two knives awarded first place in Messermagazin's 2019 knife competition. Kitchen Knife: full integral design, non-stainless torsion damascus...


Knife of the Year 2019 - Fixed Blade Knife

The Jade Knife

In the 2019 poll of German knife magazine's "Messermagazin", we were very successful and secured first place in two categories, "Fixed Blade Knife" as well as "Kitchen...


Sharp Passion

A Visit from Wildschütz

  The lifestyle and event masterminds from Wildschütz visited our workshop and produced a wonderful video. Enjoy!



Make an Impression

An engraving gives each knife that special something. The finished piece shows the personal handwriting of the engraver as well as the knife maker and its owner. This...


Introducing the Corvus Compact

Universal Utility

The Corvus Compact is your trusted companion for both the great outdoors and everyday life. With its versatility and rugged construction, it's always the right cutting...


Recognized Craftmanship

3rd Place at the Salzburger Handwerkspreis

The renowned craft awards Salzburger Handwerkspreis was held for the 28th time, and I am honored to be among the winners again! I was awarded 3rd place for my falconry...


Handmade Leather Belts

Complete Your Look

Along with the wrist watch, the belt continues to be a mainstay among men's accessories. Whether you choose to keep it simple or make a statement, here a man can...


The Falconry Knives

Taking Knifemaking to Soaring Heights

This exciting project was commissioned by Gaston J. Glock Style Ltd., who develop products for sport shooters and hunters. I crafted fifteen hunting knives — five...


Knife Terms

A Brief Guide

Knife making is an exciting, multi-faceted field. Exploring it requires some familiarity with the steelmaking process, the various materials and manufacturing methods,...


Handle Materials

The Choice is Yours

Wood  Not only the type of wood and its specific hardness determine the properties of a wood; they are also greatly influenced by fibre direction, moisture content at...


Leather Sheaths

Stow with Style

A knife sheath has to be easily accessible and shouldn't be in the way or come loose. We craft all sheaths on-site, which allows us to tailor them to each knife. We use...



The Soul of a Knife

The choice of steel is one of the most important decisions when making a knife. We use a number of steels to fit the intended use and cutting geometry of each blade. Heat...


A New Outlook on an Old Tradition

A Knife for the Lederhose

The traditional lederhosen breeches are more fashionable than ever in the alpine region. Traditionally, lederhosen were worn for working, hunting, and hiking, and for...


My Vision

My Mission

Love for the craft. Love for tradition. Love for detail. This love gave rise to my passion for knife making. To breathe new life into an old tradition, to have people...


Damascus Steel

As Unique as a Fingerprint

Known for its mesmerizing patterns, Damascus steel is no longer limited to antique Damascene swords or Japanese sushi knives. More than ever, it can be found in modern...


Full Tang Knife

More Tang for Your Bucks

As the name suggests, the full tang design is characterised by a tang that runs the entire length of the knife. Handle scales are glued to both sides and secured with...


Our Knives II

Perfection in Form and Function

In part two of our knife guide, we introduce you to the Escort Drei-Finger, the Artis Vollintegral, and the Silva Allround. Escort Drei-Finger A type of knife held with...


Our Knives I

Equipped to Meet Every Wish

For all the romantic notions, knife-making also makes use of advanced manufacturing techniques. For instance, while the blade is lovingly honed by hand, the tempering is...


Too good not to use

These Knives are Made for Cutting ♪

As exquisite as it is, you'd be forgiven for not wanting to use a Kappeller like an ordinary knife. But that would be a waste, for a Kappeller's beauty is equalled only by...