Messermacher Kappeller GmbH | Ing. Richard Kappeller | Salzburg

The Knife Atelier

Showroom for fine craftsmanship

The venerable walls of the 13th century Nußdorferhaus, a heritage-listed building, provide the perfect ambience to immerse yourself in the traditional art of knife making. Various aspects of the craft can be explored in three spaces: At the workstations in the show workshop, you can experience some of the most artistic and challenging processes up close, from embossing leather to setting gemstones. Next, in the special exhibit, you can learn about modern techniques such as planning using CAD software and producing components from precious metals using 3D printing. From draft sketch to finished product, the entire process is explained. Also on display are knives made from rare materials along with notable prototypes, which highlight the artistic possibilities of knife making. Last but not least, Richard Kappeller’s finest creations can be viewed in the treasure chamber, a space which is also used for consultation and creative work. This includes designing knives to customer specification, selecting gemstones, and planning special undertakings inspired by reference projects.