Messermacher Kappeller GmbH | Ing. Richard Kappeller | Salzburg

Old handcraft - Hidden courtyards

Salzburg's handcrafters in the spotlight

On Friday 30th August 2019 from 2 - 8 p.m. knife-maker Messermacher Richard Kappeller's and goldsmith AkiDesign's workshops will be open for a special occasion: Salzburg's Old Town showcases its living handcraft and invites You to experience hands-on!

Richard Kappeller - knife-maker in Salzburg turned his passion into profession. He started crafting knives in 2002. Since then this young entrepreneuer won many awards along his way but in 2019 his success-story was crowned by a Red Dot Award in Product Design for his "Amenite" cutlery. Developed by Richard Kappeller and Andreas Mathieson this unique Damascus Steel cutlery aims at high-end gastronomy and exclusive dining at home.

The Red Dot Award for Product Design is one of the biggest Design competitions worldwide. In 2019 designer and producers from 55 nations handed in more than 5.500 products for competition. A percentage of 1,5% of all submitted objects were awarded the "Best of the Best" label in their category. Criteria were: level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, longevity, and ergonomics.

And the story continues: in only a few weeks time the first Messermacher flagshipstore in Vienna will open: "Messermacher Kappeller Wien" in Rauhensteingasse 5/1 celebrates its first day on 25th of October!