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Knife Terms

A Brief Guide

Knife making is an exciting, multi-faceted field. Exploring it requires some familiarity with the steelmaking process, the various materials and manufacturing methods, knife profiles and purpose, not to mention traditions and proper care and storage. I will mention only the most important terms you will encounter in my collection.

Integral knife
The integral design is the most elaborate among fixed blade knives. The blade, guard, and pommel are made from a single piece of steel, which offers the highest degree of stability and hygiene. An exquisite everyday knife, beautiful and versatile.

Survival Knife
Don't be afraid to put this knife to an intense test — make fire, chip and carve, build a shelter, split wood, and more. The blade features a Scandi edge, meaning the bevel begins mid-blade rather than from the spine, a design that is laterally sturdy and suited to splitting.

Drei-Finger Knife
"Drei Finger" means "three fingers" and as the name suggests, this is a type of knife held with three fingers around the handle and the thumb upon the spine. With its compact size, it can go wherever you go, be it in your bag, on your belt, or inside your garment pocket.

Full tang knife
The tang is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. 
The full tang design is characterised by a tang that runs the entire length of the knife. Handle scales are glued to both sides and secured with rivets. To protect the hand, the knife may feature a bolster, which is affixed with rivets of the same material for a seamless appearance. Full tang knives boast superior stability and balance, and allow for nigh-limitless customisation.

Stick tang knife
The stick tang design features a tapering tang that extends either into or through the handle, with the latter identifiable by a pommel. As the handle fully encases the tang, it will always be seamless even when its natural materials are subjected to changes in humidity.

Field Dressing Knife
Our full tang knife designed especially for field dressing game after a hunt, featuring a thumb rest just after the blade. Sturdily built and ideal for both  rugged and precision work, it is the one-knife solution for fielding dressing, skinning, and butchering game.

Jagdknicker Hunting Knife
One of the most universal and popular designs is the Jagdknicker, the classic hunting knife in Austria. Whether it's in leather pants or a backpack, or at home for cutting up a snack, the Jagdknicker fits just about anywhere.

Folding Knife
A special mechanism allows this knife to be easily folded for safe and secure storage. We employ primarily the smooth liner lock mechanism, which is characterized by a side-spring lock in the spine of the knife.

This versatile Japanese style kitchen knife is characterized by its flat edge and its spine drawn down to the point. Classically manufactured as a full tang knife, it enjoys great popularity all over the world.